Whenever an apparent problem arises in your mind : The Solution


1. Stay mindfully present as impersonal awareness with your thoughts and emotions.

2. Step aside and create some non-judgmental, witnessing space (distance) from the perceived problem in order to remain open and objective.

3. Simply observe and dis-identify (without any emotional reaction, beliefs, overblown expectations or personal bias) the mental activities currently being played out.  Diffuse your personal association to what your story-making mind is perceiving as a ‘problem’, so it does not disturb your inner equilibrium and natural, unmoved peace. When you stop throwing wood onto the fire, it will eventually burn out. It is enough to become a silent, unmoved observer to the whole thinking process.

4. Respond with Presence from the clear space of neutrality for a creative solution to emerge. Deprogramming unconscious programs in the mind always starts with self-awareness, self-observation and inner discipline (you can always rewire your mind to form new neural connections in your brain).

~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

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