*The ego attaches and identifies with your personal story 
* it resents
* it needs to control through dominance or manipulation

* it wants approval from others (external validation through recognition, attention and praise)
* it craves more power over people and/or external circumstances (elitism) 
* it lives in constant comparison to others
* it feels the need to be right (mental standpoint)
* it thinks it is the separate doer of actions
* it believes itself to solely be the physical body/personality 
* it is conditional
* it fishes for compliments/flattery
* it promotes separation/exclusivity
* it feels a sense of lack, craving more (for its needs are never satisfied)
* it is uncomfortable being alone unless distracted (escapism)
* it is insecure
* it is over-analytical (excessive thinker)
* it feels a sense of entitlement
* it feels guilt
* it gossips/opinionated/trolls
* it worries
* it is shallow (has a need to impress others)
* it overgeneralizes
* it obsesses over should, must and/or ought
* it holds grudges
* it unconsciously has an appetite for drama (to feel significant/important)
* it focuses on past/future (at the expense of the present)
* it is emotionally reactive
* it catastrophizes (it takes a little problem and transforms it into a big, terrible, life-changing event)
* it depends on the opinions of others for a sense of self
* it does not trust
* it is defensive (taking things personally)
* it is co-dependent on people
* it represses
* it cannot love unconditionally
* it is possessive
* it accumulates
* it projects expectations onto others (expecting others to meet its standards or wishes)
* it creates inner resistance to what is actually happening in life (rigid thinking)
* it seeks meaning and happiness from external things
* it is envious
* it needs to prove its self-worth through work, hobbies and status
* it lives in the dark (confusion)
* it labels and judges people and things
* it plays victim role or perpetrator
* it projects blame
* it complains
* it has low self-esteem (also known as an “inverted ego”)
* it is unconscious of itself   



  1. Precious says:

    This is huge. I mean, I thought I was free but this just told me that I still have a lot of work to do. Well, I’ve recognized my faults now and I’m surely going to look for how to work around it. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Rebecca Sharks says:

    Wow!!! Ego really needs to go down. It truly has more harm than good. I like the ego awareness day I saw on the other page and so I wish the world would honor that. People really need to be corrected and the campaign would help seriously.

  3. johnny says:

    Hmmmm. Comparison with others is like the one glaring at me right now and I think I’m really guilty of that. But is that really a bad thing? I mean, I do that with good intentions and try to work on myself for improvements.

  4. kabirat says:

    This is so much like my mum! She’s got this attitude that is not going down well with us and it’s frustrating. The thing is most times when it happens, she comes back later to apologize. I still don’t really get this ego thing and how it works though.

  5. Isabella says:

    Gosh! Shocking revelation! But I exhibit a lot of these traits. Does that make me egoistic?! But it’s not like I do them on purpose or something. Any help??

  6. Kimberly says:

    Great and helpful post. Thanks for sharing this.

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