On May 11th of each year, we observe and celebrate World Ego Awareness Day. We ask for your participation in this growing global movement to increase social awareness about the ego. While we hope that people will educate themselves and others about the ego throughout the year, this dedicated day gives us the opportunity to collaborate and amplify each other’s understanding.

The Ego Awareness Movement was established in 2018 to support all those that are affected with this mental condition and work towards preventing others from experiencing the effects of this invisible form of abuse.

Through education and advocacy we can help reduce the number of people throughout the world who fall victim to egotism; to increase their ability to be centered in the present moment and experience life to the fullest. This Ego Awareness Day aims to highlight the issues surrounding egotism.  Encouraging everyone to be mindful, raise our consciousness and speak out against ego-driven learned behaviours. Together we can work to inform, educate, deter and prevent one of the major causes of human suffering on our planet.

Research has shown that being influenced by the effects of our unhealthy egoic mind can be responsible for most of our afflictions including a false sense of superiority, inferiority complex, prejudices, judging others, manipulation, rage, anxiety disorders, old trauma, perfectionism, addictions, stress, violence, racism, tribalism, sexism, the need for praise, approval, being reactionary, lack of empathy, loneliness, despair, depression, false propaganda, religious wars and so on. All such negative and destructive traits have been normalized in society and have serious consequences in our personal relationships and the world at large.

Why participate? Many people who suffer from egotism, which is a learned form of psychological and emotional abuse, are not even aware that what they are experiencing this mental condition.  When they become aware that they are a victimizer or the one being abused, they have a difficult time articulating or describing it because it’s so hard to put a finger on. Therefore, resources for survivors have been made available.

What can you do?  Join the movement to raise social awareness about the ego.   Like-minded people, organizations and communities can help as a support system to share information on this subject with their audience through various channels such as social media, blog pages, local events and community involvement.  You can also show support by distributing our ego awareness pamphlets and/or wearing ego awareness wrist bands, which can be made available for various events. Talk to other advocates, Meetup groups and other organizations dedicated to mindfulness, awareness, self-help, spirituality and so forth.  Organize events or incorporate messaging into existing events in order to educate your audience about ‘egotism’.  Networking with others of similar orientation (whether on the internet or in person) works wonders, allowing the space for creativity, inspiration and ideas exchange back and forth with each other builds a strong, united foundation. Your conscious family exists in packets throughout the world, so it’s just a matter of timing and preparation for a greater shift to emerge and spread like wildfire around the globe.

We look forward to your participation in this first-ever event!



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  1. Never thought these afflictions were related to egotism but it really doea make sense. We were not born this way but taught this way, now we have to unlearn these behaviors.

  2. Sounds like a great cause. We need to get this out there more. Just wonder how you can convince someone with an ego that they need this??

  3. I want to participate in this. Im going to research this is my area to see how I can get out and about to spread the word.

  4. I really didn’t know what this was all about until I read your post. Its unbelievable what your ego l
    can lead too. very informational.

  5. Every day should be Ego Awareness Day 🙂
    The information on this site is very enlightening, thank you. The more we become aware of our Ego and bring it up to the concious level then we won’t be so controlled by its irrational fears and ways of keeping us ‘safe’. I found hypnotherapy helped me overcome anxiety created by my mind.

  6. Date saved! This is exactly what the world needs right now. An ego awareness day. I’m totally supporting this the best way I can right now. Ego has really eaten deep into the society and that really needs to be worked on.

  7. Hmm. True. Ego has caused a lot of afflictions and this has consequences on our relationships with people and the society. This awareness would really help a lot and I appreciate the effort.

  8. Wow! I just got a clearer picture of this ego thingy. I’ve attended some seminars on it and taken some classes in management but still struggling a bit. Well, the thing is acknowledging it is the first step and I sure am working on that. This is really necessary.

  9. Seriously? Like an ego awareness day? It’s about time! I know a lot of people who would be interested in this and I would definitely share it across to them. This is really great I tell you!

  10. This is a great initiative. In fact, I’ve always thought of this and I’m happy someone is finally taking it up. I’ll really support in anyway I can and would start by posting it on my social media accounts. Good job guys.

  11. Wow! Any ego awareness day!!? Cool. I’m totally in. How would it be celebrated?! Like aside posting on social media and stuff that day, would there be other live activities?! I sure would love to participate.

  12. wow! Never know a day like this exist. I really love what you share about ego on this website. It has really helped in fighting the ego in me and makes m become a better person in the society. Thanks.

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